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I’m Jochen, dedicated to the digital age and collaborating with people to figure out what’s making an impact and what’s next.
I want to inspire you to explore new opportunities grow yourself and your organization.

In my career I focus on a few key learnings

  • people first
  • clear communication is key
  • think big
  • take step by step
  • never stop learning

I’m enthusiastic to share my experiences and knowledge with you and learn from you. My main interest is on „Digital Disruption“ and how it impacts us.
Let’s see all the different angles of it – new technology, new organizational challenges, new workforce (Gen-Y), new leadership styles, new project methodologies and ongoing change.

I’m always interested in hearing how you experience the digital disruption and your view on future leadership styles. Please contact me via LinkedIn/ Twitter or the contact section and let’s exchange views.

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