Digital: Tech Centricity hides Human Focus

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The rise of digital tech in any business environment hides the chances offered to increase our human focus. These days a lot of people are discussing about digital tech in one or the other way. When I listen to it, it seems that most often we talk about digital taking a tech perspective. We talk about new, often sensational, tech accomplishments reaching from Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Virtual Reality (VR). These new capabilities of machines and software are fostering a tech discussion. It’s all about how to use it and make money with it. Increase your business value or even better create additional – not been possible before – business value to grow your entire market cap.

Tech dominates the game these days and I absolutely understand that none tech savvy people, are bored or even afraid of what lays ahead of us.

These tech devs are getting real and evolving rapidly, no doubt about it. It will massively impact and change the world we live in. I’m also convinced, that it brings a lot of value to all of us. New tech will improve our lives. It will change, how we see the world we live in. I’m in general an optimist, believing that new tech will help us to fight some of the biggest challenges we face today; starting with diseases, via clean energy supply around the world, to healthy and sustainable food supply. That doesn’t mean, I ignore the dark facets of these developments. I’m just focusing more on the need and the potential, I see these days, to impact our live positively and that really excites me.

There are so many tech discussions going on about how it will increase business value, create new businesses or even rising new industries.

Anyhow, there’s one thing I struggle with – one thing I miss in all these discussions, today.
What chances do we see in the non-tech space brought up by all these new software and hardware capabilities. We see retail stores without a cashier, as the checkout is completely automated. Or self driving cars, not just replacing your own car, but even more making the „Taxi“ industry, as we know it, obsolete.
You can look at it from two angles. One is the financial business aspect of saving us money and making processes more effective – so business loves it. An other are the cashier or taxi driver loosing their job.
I think we miss one important point here. There’s also opportunity for non tech aspects fostered by tech. Customer oriented business for example can use their freed up resources to improve or radically rethink their customer service and experience.
We’re all human and in the age of digital and always online, while looking for social connections. Meanwhile we’re checking feedback from communities on products we want to buy before we take a decision. Just a few days ago I read an interesting article from Brian Solis on WTF: What’s the Future of Brand in Age of Assistance

He writes about Allan Thygesen (President, Americas at Google) and mentions a finding, „…mobile searches shower curtains are up 200% in the past few years“. People today are checking for community feedback whenever they can before taking decision. It’s easy, fast and they see it as more trustful than a product description. There are more social media interactions and relationships than ever before. Just check Google Trends to get some insights.

Now rethink the real possibilities new tech offers. By making the best use of it, you free up resources time and money, to go all in with customer experience or shall I say human experience. In the end more tech leads us to a more people focused business.
So the only question is, how to make use of it? Invest in technology and thrive for a more people focussed business.
Are you in?

Photo by Daniel Cheung on Unsplash

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Prepare for Enterprise

In my daily business I get the chance to interact with quite a few interns. Over the course of the last years we took the chance to hire quiet a few of them, right after they finished their study.
But what does it take to start in tech company, right out of the university?
How can you prepare for the challenges thrown at you?
How can you ensure to have the right skills, before you enter the business?
I would love to say, just find the right subject to study and a good university, get good marks and they take care of the rest.
I don’t want to disappoint you, but it’s not that easy. Actually I have to admit, that your university probably teaches you how to code and some business economics.
Do you think that’s all it takes to be successful in the workforce?
Are you watching the trends, how work and the workforce is changing?
Have you noticed that there are a few people out there, that predict the end of working for a corporate as we know it?
Will we really see a major shift to more freelancing?
Ask yourself, what is it that you expect and value most from your work?
If you are a millennial or Gen Z the chance is high you strive for flexibility. You want to shape where you work. You are looking for rewarding experiences.
So the big question is, how to prepare for what you thrive for?
In a fast paced world, it’s no more an issue of getting information, the trick is to filter the most relevant information efficiently.
Do you have a system in place to structure and filter information or create and extend your network?
Are you able to boil all your tasks and thoughts down to the essential 10-20% that really make an impact.
Do you have a vision and clear goals (written down)?
You value feedback, but are you prepared to ask for feedback and deal with it, do you reflect, systematically?
Do you know what it takes to ban distraction and sharpen your focus?
In case you’re still in your study, there’s not so much need to do all these things – the most relevant task is always to learn as much as needed to get the next exam and spend the spear time doing sports or party.
As there’s a high chance, that it’s also not on your official learning schedule, I want you to be aware of these.
Start investigating in these skills. Watch videos, take e-courses or read books to increase your skills and efficiency.
Start thinking ahead, you will see and maybe cause a lot of change in the world over the course of the coming years.
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