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Jochen dedicates his time to innovation, the next generations demand and impact. First and foremost he processes knowledge how students and young professionals can prepare for business and influence work culture.
He studies modern leadership, entrepreneurship and exponential growth drivers.
Jochen spent his career in a enterprise world. It all started with developing solutions for specific customer needs. He quickly became accountable for software solution architecture and big customer projects.
His tech career is followed by leadership role. For six years he led a team discovering, designing and delivering tailor made custom solutions. His team had a footprint in major industries like retail, insurance, utilities and supply chain management.
In his present role he is responsible to devise new go to market strategies for innovative custom solutions. He focuses on projects that leverage innovation technology foster new business processes or models consequently growing customer value.
Jochen is passionate to inspire others. He goes for new challenges that drive growth, fueled by humans desires and the motivation to impact the world.

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