Did you follow the world cup in Brasil?

If so, you saw situations that must have been very challenging for the player particular from a mental point of view, didn’t you? Going for the final penalty, knowing now it’s up to you, it’s about winning or loosing, going on or going home.

Would you agree, that the difference between success or failure is much more about the mental capabilities than the shooting technique to score from 11 meter a goal with 7,32m in width?
In sports it’s getting more and more common to practice not just the physic and techniques but also the mental abilities. Professional coaches are more and more forced to act as a coach with psychological skills. Winning and losing as a team on the upper level of professional sports, is more and more about the mental strength of the individuals and the team as such.

Now think about business, how important is the mental strength of the employees? How often is it trained? What’s the priority of metal training on the education agenda? What type of trainings are offered?

Go for the final penalty in a K.O. game, or comeback successfully after a long injury without mental strength – impossible.

Resist a burnout in a constantly changing and demanding environment under the pressure of success – without mental strength – impossible.

Training employees in mental strength and how to handle critical situations which are very demanding from a mental perspective is crucial for success.

Get a rough idea, what it is about by reading this article about olympic athletes.
Translating these mind hacks in a business environment would mean

  • Visualize the outcome you want (e.g. a happy customer, providing the mind-blowing solution to a described goal)
  • Get time for yourself and calm down (e.g. spend time thinking about your goals, your career, your life, your family)
  • Believe in your capabilities and skills – get rid of your obnoxious roommate living in your head
  • Set clear goals – dream big be ambitious
  • Get into a flow mindset (refer to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi)


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