pace of change
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Outperform your competition in this disruptive digital age?
You can be happy if you even know who you competing with. When German Car Manufacturers started realizing that the next evolvement of electric cars is not coming from their well known competitors but from someone completely new in the field, the rise of Tesla was already of a tipping point.
Looking at the automotive industry, you see more and more improvements from almost all known high class car manufacturers in the field of hybrid and electric cars, reach, speed and new gadgets to don’t loose or gain back marketshare from their new competitors.
But as this competition goes on, a new competition already started. Google aims to enter the market of autonomous driving – again an attack from a completely new player in the automotive industry trying to gain an advantage in a market that doesn’t even exist yet – it’s not anymore a question if this will happen, but when.

So what does that mean in sense of know your competition?
You can’t be sure what’s next as long as you’re not involved in defining it. So putting that in an enterprise context likely the ones we know from the past, questions about ROI or other financial key indicators need to be completely rethought.

It’s not about some key figures telling you to invest in some process innovation.
In case you want at least to have a chance, you have to innovate on all dimensions (Business Models, Business Processes, Product/ Service)
…and better you’re getting a master in this field very quickly.

The pace of change is high and rising.

The word that matters most these days is survival.

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