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Now, everything is changing, with a pace that’s never been seen before and it’s still increasing.
Technology is changing in many different ways, providing new possibilities all over the place with a huge impact on your private life and businesses. By having a closer look, you see that quite often one is forcing the other.
Let’s make it simplistic, just to get an idea how that ties together.
Think about mobile. First it was quite expensive, heavy and uncomfortable to carry. Just companies could afford it and used it to improve the  connectivity of people steering the company. They wanted to increase their speed in decision taking.
Over time it got more and more adapted as everyone wanted to be quick, always connected and in control to stay ahead of their race.
At the same time technology improves and mobiles became smaller, cheaper and by that, more attractive for the masses.
That lead to the need of an improved connectivity as the provider started hunting for consumers and mobile contracts. They wanted to participate on the benefit of the technological improvement to improve their reach and revenue streams.
More and more companies provided mobiles to their employees to increase the speed of collaboration and decision taking even further. At the same time intended or not they are improving the reach to their employees, as they carry the mobile to their home as well – becoming reachable off-hours and on weekends.
That’s when it started to get common to have a mobile, not just for work but also for private convenience.
We all know what followed – Nokia dominated the market, bringing sustainable innovation to their mobiles – Apple disrupted the market with the iPhone and the App Store – and now we watch out for what’s next.
Meanwhile mobile innovations are getting into business focus again, as there are new capabilities (GPS, online access to enterprise data, navigation, …) to improve their processes.
How to make sure you are ready and well prepared for your digital adventure?
First of all you need to understand that things are changing and develop some curiosity to explore why it’s changing and furthermore, why now.
So watch and listen intentionally, be open minded and always reflect your thinking to be able to adapt.
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