When the area of business software rose we have first seen a competition based on functions & features.
That evolved a few years later to a quality and performance battle. At the same time a proper process coverage by corresponding functions became commodity.
In the most recent years the greater business software differentiator was design and even more the holistic user experience.
The new workforce is not accepting boring UIs or complicated badly supported or intransparent software processes.
Why should I accept something in business what I wouldn’t use for private? So my private app and digital experience is shaping my expectations towards user experience in general.
Current user experience is already driving my purchase decision. So you better get it right.
What sounds easy to solve, is often a very intensive process in business.
But the even more interesting question is what’s next?
Watch out for what you see in your private environment. Are you still going to a restaurant, when you call for a table reservation and the service stuff is not being that nice, as they are in hurry or just having a bad day?
Are you going to buy tech in an offline store, if the store layout is complex and skilled staff is hard to find between the shelf?
That definitely influences my current purchase decision. What does that mean?
The next evolutional step is putting the customer experience in focus as new tech drives user experience more and more into the field of commodity. A strong UX is clearly impacting the software industry but not sufficient to serve as a key differentiator for an enterprise.
We’re heading exciting times not just because of tech inventions but also experiencing great customer service and a holistic, sustainable customer interaction.
You need to understand CX as an holistic model that will touch every aspect of your organization.
Are you aware of your customer experience journey?
Where does CX start for a software enterprise?
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